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About Kerk in Actie (English)

We are the church in action: a worldwide community of people who believe. Who believe in God and in each other. A real church is an active church. We are the Protestant Church in the Netherlands in action: two million members (of 17 million habitants), over 1600 local congregations are active on behalf of their fellow men and women, near and far. No one is excluded. All are welcome. We are touched and inspired by Jesus Christ and the Bible’s call to take care of widows and orphans, prisoners and refugees. It is our calling to share what we have received.

Our essence

We believe that as a church we are the body of Christ. We are not an institution but a worldwide community of people, brothers and sisters. It’s not the organization that joins us together, but relationships: with each other and with God.

But we are only the church when we act together. It is this conviction that inspires us to share what we have received. We share our time and talents, money and goods, prayer and faith, care and attention – offering hope and justice for each other, the world over.

Our promise

By sharing what you have been given, you (or your congregation) are part of the church in action. You (or your congregation) offer people worldwide hope and help them to reach their full potential.

Our approach

The Global Office in the Netherlands is part of the church in action and we offer our services to local churches and partner organizations – on the basis of equality, reciprocity and partnership.

We share
We serve the church by sharing what we have received: money, knowledge, experience and time. We do this at home and abroad. We encourage others to share too, for example by collecting money or by doing voluntary work.

We support
We serve the church by providing advice, inspiration and materials to people and congregations all over the world. Church social services, committees for global ministries and partner organizations can count on our commitment, staff and financial support.

We identify
We serve the church by identifying abuse and injustice worldwide. We expose these issues and act on them, thus acting as a voice for those who are not heard in the public and political arena.

Our areas of work:

  1. Church in the minority
  2. Emergency relief (in search of safety)
  3. Children at risk
  4. Churches against poverty
  5. Bible as lifesource

Integrity policy Kerk in Actie


Partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders abroad who witness any type of misconduct or experience any form of undesirable behavior from a person who represents Kerk in Actie, can confidentially contact our Integrity Officer directly at Within two weeks you will receive a response on how your e-mail will be treated. 

If you would rather report the matter to an external complaints officer (who is independent from Kerk in Actie), you can send a message to:

If you would like to know more about our procedures concerning integrity you can also contact our Integrity Officer on the above email address and ask for the following documents:

If you have a different type of complaint about Kerk in Actie’s work, please contact:

Kerk in Actie
Post: Postbus 456, 3500 AL Utrecht
Visit: Joseph Haydnlaan 2a 3533 AE Utrecht
tel. +31 30 880 1456


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